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drum, electric bass, keyboard, vocal, laptop

Marc Wolff is a very eclectic drummer. He has taken part in many projects (jazz, improvised music, “chanson française”, tale, circus, world music). He considers the sound is as important as the rhythm. He can play many instruments : the drums, the bass, the keyboards. His excellent listening skills make him an outstanding accompanist at the service of music.

He has played and recorded with Off7, Tracas d’Affaires, Roze Diezel, Chafik Khelifati, Jean-Luc Peilhon, Jean-François Baez, Laurence Olivier, Jean-Marc Vella, Sapho, Michèle Bernard, Rémo Gary, Guy Prunier, Bergamote, Vincent Cros, Lune de Mars, Louis Sclavis, Renaud Garcia-Fons, Karimouche…