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Nicolas Ticot

Vjing / set designer

A pioneer in the art of Vjing, he recorded his first set videos during French parties among which the mythical Parisian Batofar was opened. He has performed throughout France, and experienced experimental cinema, interactive installations and trails, AV performances and stage sets, a large experience which has enabled him to familiarize with any genre of music. Nicolas Ticot spent some time studying Applied Arts and Fine Arts, before becoming himself a teacher at the university.

He believes his art is based on and has developed through artistic exchanges, artistic madness, technical discoveries, and most important the singular alchemy during a performance between the architecture of a place and the psychology of an audience.

In 1999 he founded the XLR Project, which he wants to be a multimedia and visual art laboratory where he can structure, develop and organise creations – which he likes to dub ‘ artistic playful mental spectacular objects.