Thierry Beaucoup

Thierry Beaucoup   Marc Wolff   Samuel Mathieu   Nicolas Ticot   Pascal Coquard
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sax, electric bass, Keyboard, vocal, laptop

Thierry Beaucoup is a saxophonist and a composer. His musical langage has been emerging out of meetings, exchanges and artistic projects. He likes to link music and performing arts, and is currently working on different projects where he can confront his music to movement (classical and contemporary dancing), to Vjing, and to any other art form.

He has played with Jean Pierre Como, David Linx, Andy Sheppard, Goeffroy de Masure, Lyon Jazz Orchestra, Appoloss & Amouy Bô, Sueno latino, Son del gazo, Bebey Prince Bissongo& tankalawa Band, Mad Nomad Quartet, Soulmusicstory, l’Arbre à Trois Têtes among others.

He has also replaced Archie Shepp in his band.