Une coproduction BDP / Château Rouge

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Five performers, four sides, a wobbly though symmetrical square.  A triangular project moving forward some infernal motion mixing up dance, music and video. Five men in a four dimensional music-box, four beats, four steps… Rythmic.

Continous back and forth between happiness and labor, provocation and excitement, arrogance and humility : an image of the human condition. Five proposing, offering minds to serve a cause, a corpus, an idea, a note, a gesture, an image. But nothing forced, nothing explained, nothing told. A helping hand towards humans. The possibility of mixing up, intermingling, getting closer : a universal interlacing.

Our project is political, for it considers man, constantly evolving.                                            Our project is poetical, for it considers the beauty and the power of human beings.       Our project is human, our project is “humano”.

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