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« Roman(e) is a modern opera, and explores the multiple possibilities of  that genre.            Its libretto is a mosaic of operatic arias by great past composers (Monteverdi, Mozart, Bizet, Verdi, Wagner, Offenbach, Strauss…). These arias are rearranged under unexpected forms, such as electro, pop, rock music. Therefore, the different themes of this opera are those that have been much explored by classical and romantic Opera: Death, wandering, love, travel…

Musics by : Frédéric Balsarin & Thierry Beaucoup
Artistic director, saxophones & laptop : Thierry Beaucoup
Lead Vocal : Camille Grimaud
Electric Bass & Fx : Alain Lecante
Drum & Fx : Laurent Falso
Electric Guitar & Fx : Romain Baret
Stage director : Gilles Chabrier                                Lighting creation : Romain Bouez                          Scenography :  Geoffrey Grangé (l’Aphoticaire), Remy Porcar & Vincent Pernollet (Theovonwood)    Original idea : Frédéric Balsarin & Thierry Beaucoup.

Diffusion & Développement: Sanae El Kamouni
Tel: 0033 (0)663105286


Creation in progress. Dates and creation places :

1st  working residence from 19 to 23 october 2020 at  Jean Marais theater (St Fons 69).                           2d working residence from 12 to 16 april 2021 at  l’Allegro theater (Miribel 69).                                      Creation from 25 to 27 may 2021 at Train Theater in Portes-lès-Valence (26).                                          6 and 7 december 2021 at le Grand Angle theater  in Voiron (38).

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